350 N. Orleans, 8th Floor


16,857 sq ft.  Currently 75 employees in the Chicago Office with space to add 75. Opex has an additional 65 employees spread across offices in New York City, Atlanta, San Francisco, India, Russia and Germany.


Creative budget-minded and self-designed build-out; classic office space reworked to accommodate the forward thinking and progressive-minded business OPEX represents; open space, very comfortable layout with multiple conference/game/relaxation rooms, all set on rustic polished cement floors, surrounded by steel beams, incredible ceiling height, sunlight and windows.

Building Neighbors

IEG, Gartner, NBC Sports, Stantec, Fiserv, Networked Insights, Upshot, Intel, Shoprunner.


Opex is 100% self-funded, and proudly so.

Accolades & Accomplishments

Opex Analytics partners with some of the world’s largest companies (including Fortune 500s and fast-growing startups) to deliver highly innovative solutions to the market. Recognized by Nissan in 2018 with their Electrification award for delivering a high ROI Transportation Analytics Solution.  One of Inc. 5000s Fastest Growing Companies in both 2018 and 2019.  Crain’s Chicago Business 2019 Best Places to Work.

Founding, Beginning

Opex Analytics, all about AI; founded in 2013 by partners culling their experience from industry leading and Fortune 500 companies (LogicTools, IBM, ILOG, FedEx, GM, United Airlines and other fast-growing startups.  One goal surfaced, Opex will have appeal across industries; researching, identifying, and addressing core drivers behind a wide array of business challenges - then provide clients with a way to consistently resolve them.  Opex provides strategic insight-driven AI solutions to aid clients in making decisions – better and faster.

Growth & Challenge

Opex more than doubled in size over the past year to accommodate its growing demand and client base.  The expected pipeline of business, overall popularity of their offerings and future staffing needs, required Opex to expand.  Opex was split between the Evanston HQ and temporary Chicago office space.  Per Partner Kristin Daihes, the tight commercial market made it difficult for Opex to consolidate the team under one roof if choosing to remain in Evanston.

The ability to consolidate Opex easily, combined with desired proximity to key customers/strategic partners, led the partnership to focus on Chicago for their new home base.

Partner Ronan O’Donovan explains that Opex leadership was intent on space involving minimal build-out, a modern feel, the flexibility for teams to work collaboratively in open spaces and multiple closed room meeting options.

The space at 350 N. Orleans stood out.  The space supports future growth and accessibility in the Chicago area and should be an enabler to drive engagement with clients and partners.  Opex wanted a welcoming space where “Opexers” and customers alike would gravitate.


A vibrant energy has resulted by bringing the Chicagoland team together into one location.  Collaboration across peer groups and proximity to key customers has been invaluable.  With strong projections, Opex knew finding a solution to consolidate in one space would be an advantage.

Opex finds 350 N. Orleans to be ideal; access to public transportation, hotels, dining/social options in the area all make hosting clients/partners easier and thus happens more frequently.  The ability to engage clients and partners more easily fosters collaboration and the ability to co-innovate effectively for joint value creation.  The open and flexible floor plan also provides a convenient way to host “Opexers” visiting from other locations for extended stays.

Daihes concludes, “We now have an environment that is welcoming not only for Opexers, but where our customers feel excited to visit as we work collaboratively together.”

Insights For Founders

"Don't be afraid to take feedback - on your products, on your services, on the people in the firm, and most importantly, on yourself."

-Ganesh Ramakrishna, Founding Partner

“At Opex, we are fortunate to have incredible talent.  This is not a coincidence.  We hire data scientists who are experts in their area and have impressively diverse skillsets.  

Our goal as partners at Opex is to lead; our highest priority being the retention of Opex's most valuable resource - our talent.  Doing this requires leadership being attentive to the prospect and promise that each employee can grow; AND each team member feeling there is a path where they are able to become leaders themselves.

Leaders of startups should be cultivating top talent by creating a culture where roadblocks are preemptively cleared by leadership.  This, so teams can do their great work as easily and unencumbered as possible -- thereby consistently creating meaningful improvements in the market.”  

- Michael Watson, Founding Partner

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